Enemy Territory Survival

The ASDU armed services have extensive expertise on helping its servicemen survive behind enemy lines and/or occupied territory.  The main course for this is known as Enemy Territory Survival (similar to the United States Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training).  There are three phases: Biome Survival, Imprisonment Resistance, and Enemy Evasion.  Each one lasts roughly a month or more, with some [classified] additional courses.  This course is held at Fort Paulson year-round and has been running since early 2000.  The people who usually go through the course are civilian employees, aircrews, and special operations forces at high risk of capture.

Biome Survival

This course focuses on surviving in different biomes (Forests, Jungles, Tundras, Deserts, Water, etc).  Candidates learn woodcraft, advanced camouflage techniques, covert communication, land navigation, and how to build tools.  Examples include:

-Building tools out of wood

-Natural direction indicators such as moss and leaning trees

-Setting traps for edible wildlife

-Utilizing various materials for shelter

Imprisonment Resistance

The candidates are “captured” by instructors disguised as enemies carrying magazine-fed paintball guns.  They are held in a mock prison for a month while being advised and trained by actual Prisoners of War on how to defy and hassle interrogators during the business week.  On weekends, the men are taught how to attempt escape from the prison through CCD, sabotage, and even building tools to covertly escape.  The candidates are also taught cardinal rules of being a Prisoner of War, they are:

1) Only give your Name, Rank, Serial Number, and Date of Birth.

2) Don’t sign anything-your signature may be used for propaganda.

3) If you must give information, use realistic fiction.

4) Don’t accept any special favors from the enemy.

5) Don’t surrender yourself or others voluntarily.

The State Intelligence Wing and ASDU Army Psychological Operations employ their mild tactics to disorient, intimidate, and gauge the psychological strength of candidates.  These include scolding, verbal abuse, stress positions, sleep disruption, and slave labor.

Enemy Evasion

After the candidates effectively escape the prison, they are taught how to hide, distract, deceive, and ambush a pursuing enemy.  This usually involves camouflage skills, dumping of rubbish, and even setting up traps to incapacitate enemies.  Some odd practices include musical, “cocktail”, and snack food signals.




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