Basic Training


All able-bodied citizens (men and women) from ages 16-30 must perform national service for four years as part of the nation’s survival needs.  Although they can be placed in any branch of service, the Army has priority.  Basic training lasts 9 weeks and takes place at Fort Wexler.  It goes as follows:

1- Integration

2- Close Corridor Defense

3- Rifle orientation

4- Firing Range

5- Communications

6- First Aid

7- Ordinance (Grenade) training

8- Combat maneuvers (Single, Squad)

9- NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) defense training

There are four different weapons certifications in the ASDU army, they are:

Rifleman 01- Basic rifles such as the M4, M16A2, AK47, M24, and others.

Rifleman 02- Small arms including handguns and submachine guns such as the MP5, G36, and MAC10.

Rifleman 03- Heavy arms such as the M240, M60, and L86.

Rifleman 04- Explosive ordinance such as grenades, launchers, and demolitions.


The navy has a very different structure from the army or air force, therefore undergoes different training.  It takes place at Paulson Naval Base and lasts 7 weeks.

It goes as follows:

1- Integration

2- Watchstanding

3- Seamanship

4- Firearms training (Beretta 92, Mossberg 500, and Springfield 30-06)

5- Base maintenance

6- Damage control

7- Final exercises (including the “Take Positions” exercise)

Basic Training ends with an exercise known as “Take Positions”, which is a culmination of all the skills taught to recruits over the previous seven weeks.  It is a basic operation aboard an actual floating craft that uses computer-generated programs to simulate naval warfare.

Air Force

The training here is similar to the army, except it situates itself with defense of installations instead of offensive operations.  It lasts 7 weeks and takes place at Carridine Air Base.

1- Integration

2- Close Corridor Defense

3- Firing Range

4- NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) defense training

5- First Aid


7-Combat maneuvers (Single, Squad)

Department of Defense Doctrine Points

Defeat is not affordable or survivable

Defend the neurodivergent peoples, territory is not a priority

Any escalating conflict must be defused by any means possible

Wars must be ended or won as soon as possible

Terrorism must be fought at every turn

Human losses must be kept at a minimum

Response to Acts of War

Have a large force patrol the homeland for acts of war or terror

Prepare mobility and logistical efficiency at all times

Retaliatory action should be employed by any means

Certain objectives must be reached as soon as possible

Core Values




Sense of Duty


Weapon Purity

General Orders

All three branches have the same general orders for sentries (guards).  They are:

1) I will watch my post, not leaving until properly relieved.

2) I will preform my duties in a professional manner.

3) I will report any violations of orders, crimes, emergencies, and questions to the commander of the relief.

4) I will show courtesy and respect to the officers, colors, and standards who appear at my post.

5) I will not waste time with fellow sentries and/or unnecessary persons nor divert my attention from my duties.


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