Department 32


Department 32 is the (Fictional) intelligence-gathering arm of the organization Autism Speaks.  It is a military-style group with certain regulations and procedures that mirror the KGB, the main security agency of the former USSR.  It’s main goal is to effectively destroy the neurodivergent peoples through espionage, sabotage, and violent revolutions.  It has three trades in which it operates, they are:


-Foreign: There are two main types of agents, “Legal” and “Illegal”.  Legal agents live within their target country, while illegal agents enter and leave their country multiple times.  Legal agents can either be citizens of their countries or resident aliens with proper identification (work visas, permanent resident status, etc.); illegal agents must sneak into countries with the end goal of leaving.

-Counterintelligence: For D32, counterintelligence is a matter of identifying moles and traitors within their organization.  This can be as simple as questioning others’ loyalty, or the extremes of spying on one’s fellow agents.

Asset Defense

-Installations: D32 troops are assigned to guard installations all over the globe, day or night.  This means stationing security, uniformed and non-uniformed, throughout an installation.

-Diplomats: Autism Speaks’ diplomats and other important personnel are always being followed by potential assassins.  This is why D32 security must remain vigilant at all times and at any cost.


-Political: Propaganda, Lobbying, “Awareness” campaigns, etc.

-Strategic: The targeting of people, governments, and other organizations for partnerships.

-Weaponry: The basic concept of obtaining new weapons and munitions for the organization.

-Counter-Dissent: “Smear campaigns” against dissidents, abductions, possible assassinations of dissidents.

All these operations are centered around these fourteen goals for world domination:

1) Acceptance as the only autism organization there is.

2) Acceptance of the major world religions with curing autism.

3) Acceptance of co-existence with other organizations and countries as the only alternative to total war.

4) Access to all world patent and copyright offices.

5) Total identification of neurodivergents at all times.

6) Resistance to any opposition to A$.

7) Control of any and all media.

8) Present resistance to change as “normal, natural, and healthy”. (The goal is to create cliques that will isolate anyone who can’t keep them).

9) Use of psychiatry to control neurodivergents and political prisoners.

10) Encourage human pair bonding that only benefits neurotypicals.

11) Promote the A$ way of thinking to all schoolchildren of all ages.

12) Degradation of neurodivergent undertaking in “normal” activities, such as sports, social events, and even dating.

13) Own as many political parties as possible.

14) Disarm neurodivergents by any means necessary.

Department 32 has ten echelons, each specializing in an aspect of the organization.  They are:

Echelon 1- Espionage

Echelon 1 is the main force for infiltrating any nation, government, or organization with precision stealth.  This force of around 14,000 men and women are stationed around the globe with the intent to destroy the neurodivergent peoples wherever they are.

Echelon 2- Counterintelligence

Considered the deadliest unit within D32, the Counterintelligence Corps is tasked with duties such as:

-Removing surveillance equipment from installations

-Assassination (“Termination”) of enemy spies and/or moles

-Hunting and harassing random people for recording D32 installations/operations

-Planting moles in enemy intelligence forces to sabotage their espionage capabilities

They operate two different types of Counterintelligence:

Defensive: Defending Department 32 from infiltration.

Offensive: Identification of enemy efforts to infiltrate the Department; this can be stopped either through disinformation or precipitating treason in enemy agents.

Echelon 3- Surveillance

The echelon responsible for monitoring all communications, agents, and anyone considered a potential enemy of the organization.  Specializing in wiretapping, human intelligence, and drone warfare, Echelon 3 has made Department 32 a highly effective intelligence organization.

Echelon 4- Installation Security

This echelon is responsible for the guarding of most buildings, warehouses, and other areas owned by Autism Speaks.  They wear a grey button-up suit similar to the former Soviet army’s dress uniform with blue shoulder boards and felts on the collar.  The shoulder boards indicate rank while the collar felts indicate allegiance to Department 32 (hence the “D32” inscription on the collar).  The installation troops are usually put on guard duty for a year or two depending on the availability of new prospects to replace fallen personnel.  They usually carry an AK74, Uzi Submachine Gun, or an MP5, yet they prefer the AK74 above all.  They are issued a black ballistic helmet and tall “Doc Martens” boots along with the gray suit.

Echelon 5- Political/Information

The hub of all information, disinformation, and general propaganda machine for D32.  Responsible for the indoctrination of millions into destroying the autism community.  They operate in almost every country that has Autism Speaks chapters in it, even going as far as community organization.  This echelon targets the general public in the form of public speakers, psychologists, and “strategic” collaborators.

Echelon 6- Cryptography, International Communications

This echelon coordinates communications between agents, handlers, and commanders alike.  They are also responsible for creating false fronts on the internet such as social media pages, organizations, and even fictitious figures.

Echelon 7- Special Operations

The Department’s Special Operations Forces serve as the main counter-terror and special purpose forces.  They were formed in 2005 by Yuri Kaverin, a veteran of the former Soviet Union’s army intelligence (GRU), who personally trained the first 300 operators.  Their goal is to have a large force of well-trained assassins that can carry out the organization’s most dangerous missions.  The size of this force is estimated to be 13,000 men or more; this comes from the fact that 46 battalions exist with 300 in each battalion.  Few of these battalions have been identified, but the ones that have been identified have also been highly documented.

They are:

-45, 33, 39, and 46- These are believed to be responsible for the elimination of armed resistance to D32 or Autism Speaks in general.

-23, 27, 25, and 28- The purported naval units with extensive frogman training.

-7, 8, 3, and 12 (Group 338)- The most elite units of the D32 Special Operations Forces.  Extensively trained in counter-terror warfare such as hostage rescue, precision demolitions, and capture of High-Value Targets (HVT).


The D32 Special Operations Forces undergo around 2 full years of training, starting with one of 12 Special Operations Training Platoons (SOTP).  The courses include:

-Firearms (Kalashnikovs, MP5s, Various Pistols, Various Scoped Rifles)

-Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai Boxing, and Tae Kwon Do)


-Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE)

-Mountain Climbing

-Land Navigation


Echelon 8- Guard Service

This is the bodyguard echelon of D32, with around 2,000 personnel keeping watch over the organization’s executives, families, and other VIPs.  They have around 20 units stationed across the globe ready to guard executives using Tec-9s, M&P40s, and concealable AK74s.

Echelon 9- Signals Intelligence

This is the echelon responsible for monitoring the internet and the communications of anyone who opposes Autism Speaks.  The echelon mainly spies on anyone who is related to people with ASD, even those who merely interact with them.

Echelon 10- Crusader Corps Security

The Crusader Corps is a security force similar to the U.N. Peacekeepers, and pools people from across the globe with a combined force of 700,000 uniformed individuals.  Their task is to ensure the loyalty of the troops while deployed to combat zones, basically interviewing officers and reporting any subversion in the ranks.





Dragunov SVD




Smith and Wesson M&P 40



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