Opposition Forces (OPFORCE)


It’s no secret or conspiracy theory that the ASD United infrastructure and power grid is always vulnerable to man-made disasters.  There are many enemies of ours who are working around the clock to disable our nation and its most vulnerable citizens, especially if they are willing to die in the process.  These groups include, but are not limited to:

-Inteligencia del Ejército Popular (People’s Army Intelligence, Guitarra Republic)

-Arrowgazian Army Intelligence

-Department 32

-Get Aware

-Able Force (Arrowgazian Special Operations)

-Normal Youth Authority

-“Lone Wolf” Terrorists

-Other enemies of the Neurodivergent peoples

Because of this, the ASDU Department of Defense has set up several Opposition Forces (OPFORCE), units of volunteers who play the role of enemy troops, insurgents, and others for the purpose of testing security at installations, power stations, and other areas.  These units and their regular military counterparts strictly use paintball and soft air weapons and munitions only, they are:

-Devil 1-3 : A group of men who specialize in mass shooting drills.  Handpicked from the volunteer group Dansen, an auxiliary medical group which supplies blood and plasma to combat zones.

-Gopher 2-8: A group of people who plant false paintball explosives on power stations, dams, shipyards, and other important buildings.  Members are supposedly recruited from the State Intelligence Wing or the Department of Justice.

-Cat 3-3: Trained to blend in with the ASDU populace as average workers (Clerks, Drivers, Mechanics).  Personnel are required to carry a concealed paintball pistol at all times during the exercise, which usually lasts around 21-45 days.

-Adder 2-5: A group of 1,000-3,000 men who serve as an enemy army with orders to invade a city or countryside.  Past disguises have included Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, and Australian soldiers.  Utilizes drones disguised as false tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles.

-Dipper 3-5:  A civil unrest unit dedicated to causing disturbances in the form of “Awareness Stunts”.  These include shouting and displaying obscenities, assaulting civilians, and promoting hate speech with the intent to cause anger and division.

Known Training Exercises

BUMBLE ALLEY 08- Members of Dipper 3-5 were deployed to multiple areas within the city of Post to carry out an awareness stunt involving the shouting of obscenities in public.  Places involved included the Post Kingdom Amusement Park, City Hall, Chabad Chesid, Post Lutheran Ministry, and even several P-23 convenience stores.

EASTERN CHUMP 10- A fictitious wooden city named “Little Chiraq” was constructed to simulate terrorist attacks in major cities.  Prominent areas such as the city hall, a museum, and a bus station were overrun by OPFORCEs with several first responder and counter-terror forces defusing the terror acts.

AIR DOME 12- Testing the Battery of Rockets Underground system, also known as the “Air Dome”.  Paintball artillery shells were deployed over the cities of Mancuso, Bellamy Bay, and Concord with the BRU firing magnesium countermeasures at the shells, destroying them instantly.  This exercise is performed with the help of Gopher 2-8 and is repeated every 3 months since it’s original test on 12 June 2012.


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