Meeting the Threat of Terror

The ASDU Department of Defense, National Police Department, and other agencies are on guard against terrorism every minute of the day.  To better combat terrorism wherever it may be, there have been units created and trained accordingly.  They are known as Counter-Terror units, or simply CT; their men are experts on dealing with this threat.

Each Counter-Terror unit usually trains in these skills:


-Defensive Driving

-VIP Defense

-Close-Quarter Battle

-Hostage Rescue

-Offensive Raids


DIAMOND- The main Special Operations Force for the National Police Department.  Candidates are handpicked from other Special Operations units, usually other counter-terror ones.  They are required to be at least 21-30 years old and have 6-8 years of training with the Department of Defense.  Training lasts up to a year and focuses on marksmanship, “takeover” raids, and non-lethal force. Usually accepts 1,000-1,500 applicants with around 20-30 applicants completing the training.  Based off of the Israeli Border Police’s Yamam unit.

Size: 4,000 officers

FOUR ACES- The army’s foreign-outfitted unit for capturing terrorists outside of the ASDU borders.  Candidates are handpicked from the Military Police Corps and given 6 months in infantry school (4 months in basic, 2 months in advanced).  From there, they are trained for 4 months in disguise, infiltration of cities, and identification of High-Value Targets.  The applicant influx is around 1,500-2,000 with a completion rate of around 30-50.  Heavily based off of the Israeli Defense Force’s Duvedevan unit.

Size: 2,500

Airborne Special Forces Fox Brigade- The most elite of all the nation’s Counter-Terror units, Fox Troop is the most recommended response to any terrorist incident.  Candidates are handpicked from the army’s Special Operations community and given a week-long selection course (twice a year) to gauge endurance.  The applicant influx is around 120 with a completion rate of 10-12.  Overall training lasts 6-7 months with most instruction on reconnaissance and direct action.  Similar to the U.S. army’s Delta Force or the British Special Air Service.

Size: Classified (believed to be around 500)

Coastline Patrol Corps- The army’s stand-by security unit for naval bases across the nation.  Their main purpose is to monitor the bases for potential attacks and provide a response ranging from basic threat neutralization to hostage rescue.  Handpicked from the troops stationed near the coastlines and trained extensively in active shooter combat.

Size: 3,100


Sierra Troop- The Navy’s only Special Operations Force, similar to the U.S. Navy SEAL units.  Operators are skilled divers, demolitions experts, sharpshooters, and bodyguards who are handpicked from the Navy’s 200 most physically fit sailors.  Training lasts for one year and is held at the Paulson Cove Naval Base.  It begins with a month-long selection course that consists of training with rafts, water-based obstacle courses, and Close Corridor Defense.  The next 11 months focus on monthly courses in freefall parachuting, diving, marksmanship, and hostage rescue.

Size: 2,430


STINGER- The Justice Department’s special response unit that deals with hostage situations, capturing high-profile criminals and terrorists, and explosive ordinance disposal.  Candidates must have served 4-5 years with the Justice Department and be able to carry large equipment such as body armor, breaching tools, and heavy rifles.

Size: 700 officers

TRENCHCOAT- A counter-guerrilla unit based out of Fort Concord that is considered one of the best guerrilla warfare teams in the world.  Its main task is reconnaissance against terror groups and/or enemies of the neurodivergent peoples.  Training is held at Fort Wexler and lasts about a year; it consists of training in camouflage, land navigation, driving, parachuting, and reconnaissance.  Heavily based off of the Israeli Egoz Reconnaissance Unit.

Size:  2,700


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