What Our Troops Carry

Have you ever wondered what our troops carry in all their bags?  This is a rough description of that compilation of items known as a “Loadout”.  A Loadout is a basic set of equipment, supplies, and other items a soldier carries on a patrol, mission, or other operation.

In the Rucksack:


-Bungee Cords (3-4)

-Mess Kit (Fork, Spoon, Knife)

-Hygiene Kit (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Washcloth, Towel, Foot Powder, Nail Clippers)

-T-Shirts (6)

-Pair of Boot Socks (7-8)

-Undergarments (7)

-Toilet Paper or Wipes

-Rope (25 Feet)

-Camouflage Paint

-Large Flashlight with Spare Batteries

-Rationed Meals

-Waterproof Poncho

-Metal Cup or Canteen Cup

-Survival Knife or Bayonet

-Handheld Radio

-Pillow (Atop the Rucksack)

-Handheld Water Purification Container

In the Web Gear:


-Survival Kit

-Waterproof Waste Bag

-Entrenching Tool

-Individual First Aid Kit


-Flame Kit (Matches, Magnesium Block and Flint)

-Head Torch

-Small Flashlight with Batteries


-Electrical Tape (Black)

-Spare Ammunition (500 Rounds)

-Head Net (Insect Protection)

In the Individual First Aid Kit:

-Various Bandages

-Clean Scalpels


-Medical Tape

-Feminine Napkins or “Maxipads” (Covering of puncture wounds)

-Tampons (Direct treatment of puncture wounds)



-Animal/Insect Bite medicine

In the Survival Kit:

-Spare Compass


-Safety Pins

-Survival Blanket

-Sewing Equipment

-Cotton Balls

-Wire Saw

-Fishing Hooks

-Spare Bandages

There are different types of loadout for different climates, missions, and terrains.  This truly depends on what type of operation, for instance:

-Freefall: Parachute, Helmet, Oxygen Mask and Small Tank

-Boating: Waterproof Suit, Waterproof Duffel Bag, SCUBA Gear

-Mountains: Climbing Shoes, Climbing Hooks, Utility Belt, Stakes

No matter what, every job needs the right tools.

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