Moving Tactically

The ASDU Armed Forces have tactical measures for combat, whether it is large or small-scale.  These measures have been developed by highly-skilled tacticians who have decided that the following formations and battle maneuvers are of the most tactical of battle plans.




The Fireteam consists of four men in a diamond formation.  The heavy gunner takes the front position as the Point Man while the leader leads from the rear.  The two flanks, left and right, are the riflemen charged with defending the sides.  The fireteam leader is usually a Corporal in charge of three Privates with one of them armed with a heavy machine gun.  The fireteam is spread out 1 meter from each other and marches at this exact distance.



A full Squad consists of 13 men and is basically a group of fireteams spread out into a triangle formation.  The leader is usually a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant and leads from the rear of the triangle.  The squad covers a 180-degree view of the battlefield and can easily form a wide arc of fire.  Each forehead in the squad is spread out 4 meters from each other and may spread out to 8 meters at the most.



A full Platoon consists of 36-55 men and forms in a square formation.  The leader, a Lieutenant or Platoon Sergeant, leads from the center and has a 360-degree view of the battlefield.  The squads have four views: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.  The squads are spread out about 10 meters from each other yet they can spread out around 20 meters at the most.



A Company consists of 100-150 men and is formed in an arch formation.  The leader, a Captain or Master Sergeant, leads from the base of the arch and oversees the battlefield 25-30 meters from the platoons.  The Point platoon can easily call out enemy vehicles and formations

Contact Drills



1) When a unit is contacted from the front, they immediately form a skirmish line and begin firing.  All personnel move forward while firing and DO NOT fall back unless they are under heavy fire and one element is covering them with covering fire.

2) One element runs behind the other to the other side of the firing element and continues to fire until the unit breaks contact with the enemy.  Usually the commander will call “Break” which is the signal to break contact.



Comparable to a forward contact, yet this contact comes from either left or right.

1) The unit opens fire on the enemy, moving forward with full force.

2) One element breaks to run to the other side of the other element.



An encirclement occurs when a unit is surrounded on all four fields of fire.  The unit will form a triangle (Usually obtuse) with the wide base serving as the front.  All personnel must set their weapons to full-automatic if possible.  This formation can be made with anywhere between five to twenty people.

1)The front will throw either smoke grenades (“Pop Smoke”) or actual grenades.  They will then move forward, firing on any visible enemies or threats until they run out of ammunition.

2) Either the left or right sides of the formation can begin advancing, they will repeat step 1 until they are out of ammunition.  The other side will repeat the step accordingly.

3) All three elements will repeat step 1 until they clear the encirclement.



When a unit is surrounded on both left and right (Flanks), they have only a very short amount of time to react.  They will do the following:

1)The unit divides into two elements and engages each flank.  They always move forward unless they are under heavy fire.

2) Both elements escape in opposite directions from the flank assault and regroup when they have broken contact with the enemy.



When an enemy unit of around 15, 20, or more people heads into a unit’s direction, they may attempt to employ a triangular or overhead formation.  If they do, the unit will have to escape in the opposite direction.

1) The unit opens fire on the enemy formation, moving forward as much as possible.

2) One element runs behind the other, gaining as much ground as possible.  This repeats until contact is broken or the enemy unit is eliminated.

Final Thought:

Our nation is constantly under attack from hostile nations, organizations, and other entities.  They live as neighbouring nations and domestic enemies.  In order to defend our people and survive as a nation, we must perform everything we do in a careful manner- a tactical manner.  Being the neurodivergent peoples, we are held to a higher standard, a professional standard; this is why we must be the best at everything we do.  If it wasn’t for our nation, our people would be scattered across the earth, struggling daily for survival.  This is the life of our nation’s heroes, and it is here to stay.

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