Acceptance Day


It is April, a pivotal month for the neurodivergent peoples.  It can be one of two things: a time of hellish resentment and humiliation, or a time to unite and better ourselves more than anyone else ever will.  Either way, it’s your decision on the path you want to take.  No matter what, the greatest neurodivergent value is patriotism.  Patriotism, being love of your people, an undying love, one that you take with you for life.  Let’s face it, all neurodivergents tend to go through similar instances of humiliation from fear-mongering and hate speech.

Isn’t it time we grew strength to overpower our enemies instead of just trying to reason with them?  Those that claim we are “broken” and need “fixing” do not care for what we have to say, they only want one thing in this world: our destruction.  Yes, our destruction; no wonder they keep pedaling this “tragic” view of our existence.  They are desperate for donations and followers this time of year, it is known as “April Madness”, and it’s an uphill battle just trying to deflect all the hatred and radioactivity.  Peaceful protest has been employed as the main form of opposition to the “awareness” camp, yet there are complaints about the “civil rights” movement among neurodivergents who claim that it is not sufficient enough to combat the hatred promoted in April.  Some claim that there should be a better model other than “civil rights”.

Here at the 5th Psychological Operations Group, we are promoting a “Liberty” model for our people.  It is comparable to the “Tea Party” in the United States, except it promotes the patriotism towards being a neurodivergent.  It encompasses the values of the ASDU founders, and historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Thomas Paine.  It mostly consists of “pen” in the sense of peaceful communication, yet the “sword” is a backup tool with regards to self-defense (mirroring the Second Amendment).  The whole idea of this liberty movement of ours involves giving peace a chance and taking the fight to the enemy’s backyard if peace doesn’t work.  It’s basically what our nation’s forgers did, they used pen and sword to gain statehood.

The neurodivergent peoples know war, it’s been in our blood ever since 1995.  We grew tired of Cure Autism Now’s alarmist hatred and decided to form our own nation to unite the neurodivergrnt peoples in harmony, brotherhood, and undeniable liberty.  Every time someone declares their desire to destroy the state of ASD United, they should know that they’ll have to contend with its most experienced patriots.  Dealing with our neighbouring enemies for 20 years (however a short time) has strengthened us to our absolute best; this is the kind of strength every neurodivergent should have throughout life.  Many patriots do acknowledge that it’s a somber fact of life that our nation needs an army to survive, but it brings a sense of purpose and belonging that cannot be found anywhere else.  This sense of duty sharpens our troops and citizens alike, both physically and mentally.

We train as we fight, meaning we shoot, strike, and drop bombs the as if we are in actual battle at all times.  Every shot, every jab, every missile fired, should be a kill, and a definite one.  Those who wear our nation’s uniform are ready every minute of the day to wage destruction in the name of our people’s survival; they are more revered than any athlete, actor, or musician.  We have been revered as one of the deadliest armies on the planet; we never had that goal.  Our lethality is a necessity, a need, just like our need for a strong working class and experienced patriots running our delegation.  No matter where history takes us, the strength of our patriots will be needed until the end of time.


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