Fight to live, live to fight

As neurodivergents, we have been called upon to defend ourselves as well as our homeland from many enemies that exist on both sides of our borders.  What we’re dealing with is a cross between the conflict our friends in Israel face and the Cold War.  There are two fronts, being the defense of the nation and the containment of our enemy’s power and/or influence.  We are also dealing with a toxic alliance between two nations known as the Stolper’s Pact Alliance; they include the Arab-dominated Arrowgazia to the north and the Spanish-speaking Guitarra Republic to the east.  Both nations side with a behemoth known as Autism Speaks, an organization claiming to help our people yet do nothing close to sufficient for us.  In reality, they are the exact reason for our need to fight until the last man.

If you look closely, this organization emulates the actions of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and employs very leftist tactics to terrorize neurodivergents at every opportunity.  These include (but are not limited to): browbeating, rage, guilt-shaming, and even physical violence against their opposition.  They also tend to reiterate negative stereotypes about our people, even in the face of reality and facts.  It seems that they have a militant aim to silence and eventually erase our footprint from the earth.  Nevertheless, we cannot afford to lose this conflict we have with them; if we lay down our arms, we will cease to exist.  We need to fight until we are out of fuel and ammunition and are down to bayonets.

Another issue is the “containment” of our enemy’s sphere of influence and power.  This should be everyone’s duty, as it will take every available person at hand to keep the tentacles of ableism at bay.  People like Autism Speaks and the SPA are not to be taken lightly, judging by the fact that their destructive aims have led to the deaths of countless neurodivergents everywhere.  People should understand that both neurology types (typical and divergent) are in grave danger from this highly-indoctrinated war machine.  If you value your liberty, you must value others’ liberty as your own, if we are to survive.  Whatever you do in this life, you MUST stay vigilant…


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